We are Storied Gemstones

Storied Gemstones strives to be a center of commerce and community for faceters. Following in the footsteps of Hashnu Stones & Gems, we are creating a welcoming space for new enthusiasts, as well as experienced ones, to find rough (we specialize in custom parcels) and other design resources, tutorials, lessons, and links to other online communities.

We also are a marketplace for cut gems. We see each gem as a precious treasury, not just treasure. Every stone carries its own stories, and our passion is finding the right gem to hold yours. We can connect your story to how a gem is formed, mined, sourced, designed, cut, and even set. Our goal is to create meaningful beauty that becomes part of your life story.

Our Values

Act with purpose

We aim to deliver products and services that our customers want. We will stay focused on that and making Storied Gemstones’ service, selection, and support number one.

Create communities

We bring together a community of passionate and diverse individuals
who want to be part of reinventing what gems mean to society.

Inspire creativity

We want to celebrate the artists. We will work to figure out the best
ways to both celebrate and promote our customers who are shaping thier own storied gems.

Be authentic

We are driven by passion, not ego. We see our other gemstone dealers as colleagues, not competition. We will lean into our strengths, remain humble and open, and work to continuously improve.